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welldone live broadcost
Date: 2020-07-11 11:07:09
Hello dear welldone Friends 

 Our live broadcast will only be saved until the 19th,we had show you the full servo sanitary napkin machine. 800pcs/min.


Second live broadcast on #July_17th time: 8:30 China time, we will take you to explore our machine factory(Baby diaper machine, sanitary napkin machine, adult diaper machine, under pad machine, factory environment, meeting office)
Welcome to our live broadcast room!
Link for the second live broadcast https://m.alibaba.com/air/app/alimsc/live/pages/live-room/index.html?tracelog=share_app&topic=54bf0be2-fc63-44e6-b114-8ebdc71670a5

Best regards!