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welldone live broadcost
Date: 2020-08-29 10:05:59

Dear Sir/Madam,


This is michelle from Welldone(China)Industry Limited.


Our WELLDONE is one of the leading companies in China who is focused on supplying A-Z Service for the customer in the disposable hygiene product field for 7 years.


WELLDONE can provide variety of hygiene product machinery, Such like :Baby diaper production line, adult diaper production line, sanitary napkin production line and disposable under pad production line.


WELLDONE can not only supply the machinery, but also provide all kinds of raw material for hygiene product. And engineer and operator service are available .


Due to the impact of the epidemic, our company has invested more in cross-border e-commerce, so we have launched two live broadcast before. The previous several live broadcasts have gained a lot. For this reason, we have created two new live broadcasts, so that all partners can know well our company and our products through the Internet.


So we are so glad to invite you to join our online show, please give us an opportunity to introduce our products to you.


#Welldone We will have the first live broadcast of the hygiene material platform on #September_11th, 7:00 am China time, we will take you to explore our machinery factory and also show you the full servo big waistband baby diaper machine with high speed. You can just scan the QR code of the poster by Alibaba.com app, or click the link of the first broadcast :





Second live broadcast on #September_23rd, 9:00 am China time, we will take you to our non woven factory, we will show you the working environment, the production processes, and the quality inspection as well, you can scan the QR code of the poster by Alibaba.com app, or click the link of the second broadcast:





Live hygiene, live healthy.


Looking forward to your participation.


Best regard