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Hot Air Through Nonwoven
Hot Air Through Nonwoven
- OEM & ODM are available
- Free samples are available
- This is just for reference, can be adjusted as per requirement.
Good hydrophilic effect
Soft and comfortable
High penetration of zero return, keep dry
Good defilade
No irritation to the skin, not allergies

Product Name Hot Air Through Nonwoven Specification Passed
Color White Quantity Passed
Test Items Index Testing Value Results
Basic Weight 25g±1.5g 15g Qualified
Joint NO NO Qualified
Width Customerized±2mm   Qualified
Core Diameter 76mm 76mm Qualified
Roll Diametet Customerized±10mm 750mm Qualified
Elongation at Break MD >30% 50 Qualified
CD >30% 50 Qualified
Tensile Strength MD 30N/5cm 35N/5cm Qualified
CD 15N/5cm 20N/5cm Qualified
Fluid Penetrating Rate 100 100 Qualified
Strike through time 3.5sec 4.5sec Qualified
PH Value 5.39-9.0 8.3 Qualified
Rewet 2.0g 1.0g Qualified
TVC of Bacteria ≤200cfu/g 20 Qualified
TVC of Fungus ≤100cfu/g 15 Qualified