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Welldone Corporation adhering to the "all for customers. creating customer value. " the service concept. customer demand for the center. and to exceed customer expectations beyond the industry standard "service target class speed. first-class skills. excellent attitude. fullThe implementation of the pre-sale. sale. sale entire process and reflection to enhance service.

Pre-sale services:
1. describes the situation of the company product technology;
2. to provide customers with the construction technical advice and analysis to explain difficult;
3. according to demand. and guide the customer choice.

Sale of services:
1. tracking contracts. is responsible for organizing the various departments to review the contract;
2. the contract is unknown or need negotiation. is responsible to be solved;
3. according to the contract requirements. tracking production and delivery. as well as tracking the production of various external cooperation;

After service
After-sales service hotline: 86-595-2808 2887
1. in accordance with the contract on time for the user to guide the installation of the equipment. debugging;
2. on-site training. guiding customers to standardize the operation and use;
3. it is responsible for receiving and processing customer complaints on product quality and service quality;
4. warranty tracking unscheduled inspections and implement a dynamic management;
5. the warranty period is a problem of the quality of our products. responsible for warranty limited;
6. it is responsible for the training of service personnel. and continuously improve the overall quality of the service personnel.