The main products of WELLDONE are: diaper making machine ( diaper manufacturing machine ), sanitary pad machine, underpad machine, etc. And the advantage of our WELLDONE Machinery , The European standard in the design and features such as
1- No. Of servo motors and the distribution of them which guarantee the stability and quality of process in the highest speeds.
2- The seperation of the Air supply line to give each function an independent line to guarantee the pressure and the flow in the best way.
3- The design of the applicator units and the cutters units exactly like the GDM or FAMECHANICA Machinery to give the best performance and the best life time.
4- The choice of the material of the parts is very precise like the carbon rolls and the anti glue rolls in the critical points to avoid production problems also the blades is made from the finest steel to insure the maximum no. Of cuts.
5- The process design is made to be easy to be operated and also gives the best results in the industrial side.
6- The Glue System has a air filter unit before each gun to increase the life time and avoid and damage in the filters , modules and nozzles which happened because of the impurities in the air supply.
7- Some parts are well designed to make the maintenance process very fast and easy and cost less .. like he anvil strip in the cutters instead of the full round drum system.

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