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  • High Quality How to place machine order Wholesale - WELLDONE (CHINA)INDUSTRY LIMITED
    High Quality How to place machine order Wholesale - WELLDONE (CHINA)INDUSTRY LIMITED
    WELLDONE (CHINA)INDUSTRY -how to place machine order?Step 1-confirm product structure the first step in a hygiene product is to determine and decide which kind of product you want to produce.for example,like baby diaper,we have more than four or five types,I shape、T shape 、pull up 、big waistband.each type of those diapers has a different machineand a unique row material choice,it means that if your market accepting and the popular diaper is T shape and you have chosen the I shape diaperit means that this product will not be successful,because your market standard are differentso the first thing to confirm is what is the structure of the product you want to produceand also if you want any kind of additional features in the diaper or in the sanitary napkin or in the other diaperyou should also determine, for example,if you want edge sealing if you want float core,if you want weakness indicator,if you want position cuttingfor the backsheet or the frontal tape,all those features should be determined and decided at the planning first stage.from the first step,then we will go for the second step.
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