Adult Diaper Machine


Adult diaper is the adult diaper machine’s finished product.and it is mostly for adult people,old people,it is easy to distinguish from the diaper size with baby diaper,and adult diaper machine is also much bigger than baby diaper machine,but its product structure is easier than baby diaper .

Adult diaper machine must have two huge mold wheels,since the urine volume of adults is much larger than the baby diaper, it require that more absorbing materials need to be used .So we diaper machine manufacturer need two mould wheels to output wood pulp and a lot of SAP to achieve enough absorption capacity.

There are two ways to demold  ,one is continuous demolding,and the other is block demoulding,in this machine,it use these two ways,the first wheel output the long continuous demound,and the second wheel output the block core,The small module core is covered in the middle of the continuous  core so that the absorption can be greater at diaper center

Inside of the wheel,it divided into high & low pressure zones, the different pressure zone can prevent the fiber jams and cause the machine stop.

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